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Worried About Pricey Asphalt Repairs? Here’s What You Can Do To Avoid Them

A well-maintained asphalt surface is pleasing to the eyes, as it adds both monetary and aesthetic value to your property. While one look at the pavement may suggest there is nothing wrong with it, a deeper inspection often reveals problematic elements at play, and before you know it, you have a hefty asphalt repair bill in your hands!

Most asphalt problems seem to emerge out of the blue. It almost feels like you parted the curtains one fine day to spot cracks on your pavement. However, this is not the case; there are many factors at work that are not visible to the naked eye. A miscalculation during the installation stage, harsh weather conditions, or heavy traffic are all factors that contribute to asphalt pavement distress.

Anyone dealing with asphalt pavement repairs knows the kind of intense scrutiny and hefty costs it brings with it. Once you see your savings dry up and the amount of time and effort required in restoring the original look, you begin wondering where you went wrong and what you could have done to prevent this.

Asphalt pavement distress is usually a reaction caused due to a lack of action on the property owner’s part. Irregularities that begin from the absence of frequent maintenance measures, escalate to become full-fledged problems that leave you scratching your head in frustration.

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The following maintenance tips will help you avoid the frustration that is a result of hefty asphalt repairs. Following these tips will extend your pavement’s lifespan and eliminate the need to repair your asphalt driveway, helping you safeguard your investment in a convenient manner.

Remove Debris

Accumulated dust and debris are enemies of your asphalt pavement. The presence of debris on your asphalt pavement prevents efficient water flow, allowing for the formation of standing pools. This begins the process of deterioration as the damage to your asphalt intensifies. The extent of damage increases exponentially during the winter when a white blanket of snow forms around the debris.

Settled Surface

You should remember to check the pavement before the beginning of the winter season. Check for depressions, standing water, and cracks; the winter season can signal trouble for your pavement if any of these problems exist. Snow can seep in through the cracks to damage the pavement, it can accumulate in the depression, further damaging the surface. Resurfacing the settled asphalt before the winter helps prevent significant damages.

Snow Management

Heavy snowfall can wreak havoc on your surface and is also the time of the year when an unprepared asphalt surface takes its most severe beating—not carrying out preventive maintenance before the snow season exposes your pavement to harmful conditions.

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