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Why Proper Drainage Is Significant For Your Asphalt Pavement

A whole system of drainage components line your pavement to ensure that no water pools on the surface. While planning for a paving project, drainage features are also added to ensure that water can run off and drain within minutes of heavy rainfall. We only see the obvious drainage elements like catch basins and storm drains, but there is a lot more work done below the surface. Pavement drainage is divided into two aspects – subgrade drainage and surface drainage. And tak our word on it, when we tell you that all of them are extremely important.

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Water is the biggest enemy of asphalt pavement. If water is not properly drained off the surface, it can wreak havoc, which is where the need for having a proper drainage system comes in. And this is not even the full story. Not having a proper drainage system to drain off the water from the surface can cause your property to flood, and if the grading is not done correctly, then all the water will flood your structure’s foundation, damaging it from the inside. Imagine that.

If water does not drain off the surface properly and is left to puddle, it slowly breaks down the asphalt, causing a pothole to form. Water deteriorates the asphalt pavement by breaking down the bonds between the asphalt binder, rocks, and sand. Since asphalt binder is a crude oil by-product, it cannot absorb the water.

If the water seeps below the asphalt pavement, poor foundation drainage below can weaken the supporting materials forming the aggregate base and subgrade. If the foundation is weakened, heavy traffic that will pass on the surface will cause extensive damage to the pavement.

In winters, poor drainage can cause much more significant problems due to the freeze-and-thaw cycles. When temperatures rise during the day or when the deicers work their magic and the snow and ice present on the surface melt. And when water doesn’t drain off it properly, it is left on the surface to refreeze into hard ice that is difficult to remove. However, what is worse is, the water seep inside any cracks that there may be in the pavement. When the temperatures drop again, this water present inside the pavement freezes and expands, pushing the sides of the cracks further away, which will cause deterioration of the surface from the inside and result in the cracks enlarging. These enlarged cracks further deteriorate to form potholes over the course of the winter.

Hire a seasoned paving contractor who is well-aware of the local weather conditions and has the required knowledge and experience needed to integrate an effective water drainage system that can handle your pavement’s water drainage needs. Also, get regular maintenance work done to ensure that your drains are unclogged, and there are no leaks, cave ins or other problems.

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