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Underground Utility Repair – An Overview

Underground utilities are an essential part of the infrastructure that is often taken for granted. We have all seen pictures of power lines or water pipes running along the sidewalk, but most people don’t know what these underground utility repair projects entail. Here is an overview of underground utilities and some common repairs needed after digging up sidewalks or other public spaces to fix an issue.

What are Underground Utilities?

The first thing that we need to talk about is what underground utilities are. Underground utilities are the pipes that carry gas, water, electricity, and sewage under the ground. These pipes come in different shapes and sizes depending on their function; however, they all have one thing in common: they need to remain stable so they don’t disrupt everyday life or cause harm to people living nearby. To do this, maintenance work needs to be done periodically by qualified professionals who specialize in underground utility repair work.

Diagnosing the Problem

The first step in repairing underground utilities is diagnosing where the problem lies. To do this, there are several methods available, including:

  • Locating abandoned lines using maps;
  • Following pipes using an electronic tracking device; and
  • Using a video camera to look into the pipeline.

If none of these methods work then it may be necessary for someone to:

  • Manually excavate the ground to identify where the problem lies, which could take days or even weeks depending on how deep underground they need to go.

Some of the common underground utility problems that require repairs are:

Leak Detection

It is crucial to repair underground utilities as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Leaking water can cause damage to nearby structures and gardens while leaking sewerage can contaminate the surrounding environment if not fixed immediately. The longer an issue goes unaddressed, the more likely it becomes that irreversible structural or environmental damage will occur. There are several ways that underground leaks can be detected, including:

  • Using sensitive electronic equipment to measure movement in soil and rock layers.
  • Digging test holes at suspected leak sites. If necessary, additional excavation may be needed here.

New Water Pipe Installation

If your old water pipe gets severely damaged underground, it will need to be replaced. Several factors can contribute to the deterioration of underground water pipes, including:

  • Corrosion due to contact with soil or piping materials containing corrosive minerals.
  • Damage from hard objects accidentally hitting the pipe.
  • Weathering, which can cause cracks to form in pipes over time.

Slip Lining

If your water pipe is damaged but not completely broken, it may be possible to fix the problem by installing a slip line. A slip line is an additional layer of piping inserted into the existing one and attached with glue or epoxy. This method can extend the lifespan of your underground pipes.

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