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Underground Utility Damage: Hidden Expenses You Might Not Be Aware Of

Many people are unaware of the costly expenses of repairing damaged underground utilities. When these lines are damaged, getting them up and running can take time and money. Making even a small excavation can damage underground utilities, and the costs of repairs can be high.

This blog post will discuss hidden expenses you might not be aware of when repairing underground utilities. We’ll also provide tips to avoid damaging these critical infrastructure components.

1. The Legal Expenses

If the damage caused is severe, you might have to incur some legal expenses. These could be in the form of penalties, out-of-court settlements, or even a court trial if the case goes that far.

2. The Productivity Loss

Suppose the damaged utility happens to be electricity, water, or gas. In that case, it can lead to a loss in productivity for your business. This is because these utilities are required for the smooth functioning of most businesses. The loss suffered could be in terms of revenue, customers, or even employee morale.

3. The Environmental Cost

If the damage causes the spillage of hazardous materials, it could lead to an environmental cleanup cost. This is in addition to any fines that the authorities might levy.

4. The Insurance Cost

In most cases, the business owner will have to bear the cost of repairing the damage from their pocket. However, if you have insurance for your business, you might be able to claim some reimbursement. This comes at an additional cost in the form of increased premiums.

5. The Opportunity Cost

If the damage is so severe that it results in the closure of your business premises, you will lose revenue from sales. Similarly, if it has disrupted your supply chain, you might incur additional costs to source raw materials from alternative suppliers.

These hidden costs can add up and rattle your business finances. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of them and take steps to prevent such damage from happening in the first place.

You can do this by investing in underground utility mapping services. These services create a detailed map of your area’s underground utilities. This way, you can avoid damaging them while carrying out excavation work.

It’s best to contact a professional underground utility company if you plan to carry out any excavation work on your property. They are aware of all the nook & crannies, and you can avoid any costly surprises down the line.

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