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The Real Reason Sites Need Soil Testing & Stabilization

Most people probably think of soil stabilizing as something only necessary for construction sites with heavy equipment or on a slope prone to erosion, but did you know that every site – regardless of its intended use – needs to be tested and stabilized? The stabilization experts at Scorpion Construction LLC share a few reasons why it is necessary.

What is Soil Stabilization?

Soil stabilization involves improving the engineering properties of soil, usually by adding materials such as cement, lime, fly ash, or asphalt. The main goal of soil stabilization is to increase its resistance to erosion and reduce its susceptibility to compaction. Soil that has been adequately stabilized will also be more resistant to chemicals and other environmental factors.

Stabilized Soil Provides a Sound Working Platform

A strong foundation is required for all construction projects. Destabilized soil will not provide a strong foundation, leading to poor workability or unsafe conditions.

Stabilizing Soil Improves Site Efficiency

Stabilized soils are essential for avoiding delays in time-sensitive projects. Stabilization ensures that these surfaces, like asphalt driveways, remain durable throughout their lifespan while also providing precautions against any potential hazards.

How Do We Test Stabilized Soil?

Most stabilized soils are tested for compaction using a standard test called the Standard Penetration Test (SPT). This is done by pushing a steel cone into the soil at various depths. Properly compacted soil should not allow more than 12 inches of penetration, as more significant amounts indicate poor stability and strength.

What is the Soil Stabilization Process?

The soil stabilization process begins with its analysis, and then a stabilization agent is selected. The stabilizer can be liquid, solid, or gas-based, depending on the properties of the soil. Once the proper stabilizer has been identified, it is mixed with the soil following specific proportions.

The mixture is then placed into a mold and cured for a predetermined time. After curing, the stabilized soil is ready for use in construction projects.

Why Is Soil Stabilization Necessary?

Soil stabilization is necessary to improve the engineering properties of weak soils to support heavy loads without failure safely. We can create a stable foundation for roads, buildings, and bridges by improving soil properties. All sites need stabilization for two reasons: safety and sustainability. Destabilized soils can pose a severe safety hazard, especially on construction sites where heavy equipment is used. By stabilizing your site’s soils, you can improve safety and ensure efficiency as you avoid potential roadblocks.

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