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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Maintaining A Concrete Driveway

As many of our readers may already be aware, concrete is one of the most rigid materials used in paving construction. It is used to construct driveways, parking lots, and pavement, which last for decades. Its durability is one of the many reasons why professional paving contractors prefer working with it. Even then, like all constructed by-products, even concrete requires some maintenance and upkeep to make it last a long time and in good shape. 

Driveways are the path leading to the inside of a house and are mainly constructed for cars and walking. They are built keeping an aesthetic element in mind that is appealing to the eye. Concrete driveways are more popular as they can achieve any design preferred by the property owner. If the maintenance of a concrete driveway is ignored, it can succumb to the weather conditions and lose its attraction, giving a bad look to the house. 

While driveways’ maintenance is relatively straightforward, professionals can ensure all the cracks and damage are taken care of. At Scorpion Construction LLC, we offer exceptional concrete paving and maintenance services in Tampa Bay, FL, at premium rates. Click here to know more. 

Today’s blog will be focused on the tips and tricks of maintaining a concrete driveway.


  • Ensure researching and employing only professional contractor companies that know their way around the work. Amateur workers will not only damage your current driveway but will double the work and cost for you. 
  • Like most surfaces, even driveways are prone to catching all kinds of stains. So, to avoid a costly repair in the future:
    • Do clean up these stains right away with the correct equipment.
    • If it is a minor stain like any fluid, scrub it softly with a cleaning solution and rinse it off.
    • For paint and oil stains, use baking soda, coke, and a scrubbing brush. 
    • To keep the driveway’s shine and texture looking fresh, do get your driveways resealed after every few years or when it starts looking worn out. Resealing is a simple process, including a thin application of surface protectant to give a smooth finish and shine. 


  • Heavy vehicles like trucks and buses can cause immense pressure on a concrete driveway and damage its texture and aesthetic. Therefore, don’t let people park their heavy trucks or buses in your driveway for an extended period. 
  • Piled-up snow in the driveway causes problems for the people residing in the house and the outsiders. To remove this snow, many people opt for shoveling. However, using a metal shovel against the concrete surface to scratch away the snow will damage the driveway by chipping away parts of the concrete and creating cracks and potholes in it. That’s why never use the shovel to clear snow.
  • Stagnant water in one place for a long time can weaken the structure beneath it and eventually seep into it. Therefore, ensure water puddles do not get too comfortable, as with time; the water can destroy the foundation of concrete and cause bumps and unleveled ground. Also, make sure there is a proper drainage system near your driveway. If not, take extra preventative measures to keep the driveway dry. 

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