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Still Justifying The Importance Of Pavement Drainage In 2022!

The proper drainage system is critical for asphalt or concrete pavement. Precipitation such as rain, melting snow, or ice can seep into the pavement and cause surface failure (potholes) or structural failure (rutting). Pavement that experiences too much water can become susceptible to hydroplaning, resulting in a vehicle losing control and leading to crashes.

The construction experts at Scorpion Construction LLC, in Clearwater, FL, share all the reasons why pavement site drainage is essential.

Protect Concrete Paving and Roads

Whenever the drainage system is installed, it should be done so that all the water is diverted from the pavement to the nearby drainage system. The drainage system is vital for the pavement with a significant traffic volume. Proper provision should be made in the design and construction of the pavement to connect it with larger drainage systems.

 This would help in preventing damages due to water stagnation,

Moisture Control

The aggregate base layer will not weaken when we keep the water away from the pavement. HMA can usually become impenetrable when it has less than 8 percent air. This is why asphalt contractors must ensure procedures that guarantee air voids less than 8 percent while doing asphalt paving.

There should be a proper slope for water to flow so it doesn’t accumulate in the middle of the road. The rule of thumb is that the slope should be around 2 percent of the road around it. In addition, the gutter and curb also need to have enough space for the water to flow in from puddles and catch basins.


If there is still a lot of water around the pavement, then steps need to be taken to minimize the water puddles. Crack filling is a good option for reducing the number of potholes that can accumulate water and further damage the roads. Crack sealing is also a great way to safeguard the road from water penetration and ensure that the water doesn’t cause too much damage.

One of the latest solutions for tracking and roadside trench drains is geo-composite drains. They are helpful in concrete excavation, reducing volume and costs, and increasing the amount of backfill material. It will also enhance the water flow from the pavement. All of these qualities make geo-composite drains a better option as opposed to granular drains.

With concrete pavements, the key is to protect the middle of the road, and when geomembranes are used to bond the material on both sides of the pavement, water is filtered out more quickly.

When potholes appear on your pavement, professional paving contractors should be consulted to decide how best to tackle the problem. Scorpion Construction LLC in Clearwater, FL, can solve all your pavement problems with its comprehensive services, including asphalt paving, repair, sealcoating, crack filling, line striping, etc. Get your free estimate now for the services your pavement requires.