Sealcoating Services at Scorpion Construction in St. Petersburg, FL


Sealcoating is a budget-friendly way of preserving your asphalt surfaces and extending their life and durability.  If you are looking for a professional company to provide seal coating services in the St. Petersburg, FL area, look no further than Scorpion Construction and Paving for your asphalt and paving needs.  It is usual for asphalt to fade and begin to deteriorate over time; traffic, the elements, water, and chemicals can all play a role in this. Sealcoating is a process in which we use high-quality sealant to seal the surface to offer protection from the further damage untreated asphalt can suffer. Crack sealing is another way to help preserve your surfaces by filling cracks, whereas seal coating seals the entire surface, returning it to its original black shine. With a team of friendly, knowledgeable asphalt specialists, we aim to promptly complete your seal coating job, reducing downtime and leaving the customer confident that the job is done right the first time.  


When it seems like an overwhelming task, know that seal coating is one of the more budget-friendly options to help your asphalt remain durable and long-lasting versus allowing it to deteriorate and break down further, causing costly repairs and possible replacement.  We suggest you apply your seal coating every two to five years to offer the complete protection seal coating offers.  If you have any questions about our seal coating services and are in the St. Petersburg area, please contact us at We take pride in that we are family owned and have over three decades of experience in the asphalt and construction industry. Offering competitive pricing on all our services, we provide a free no, obligation estimate at

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