Crack Filling at Scorpion Construction in St. Petersburg, FL

Crack Filling in St. Petersburg, FL, Scorpion Construction, LLC

If you are in the St Petersburg, FL area and notice your asphalt has begun to crack, contact us at Scorpion Construction and Paving at  Once cracks start to form, you must fill them before they become potholes and become much more costly to maintain.  Once gaps are formed and left without proper maintenance, water can cause further expansion and contractions to grow the cracks.  With some shots starting small, they can quickly grow into much larger cracks, resulting in more costly repairs. At Scorpion Construction and Paving, we offer expertise in the asphalt crack-filling process, helping you maintain your asphalt as the functional, sturdy surface you need.  


Scorpion Construction and Paving is proud to be a family-owned company offering start-to-finish asphalt and construction services to our customers in the St Petersburg, FL, area. Our crews work efficiently to keep the downtime to a minimum, using the highest quality materials and up-to-date equipment to fill cracks to keep the surface from further damage. Our filler is of the highest quality to keep the cracks covered and sealed. The filler will remain in place with the weather conditions going from freezing to thawing, protecting the cracks from growing more prominent and causing damage. Keep your cracks from growing to be significant repairs, and let our knowledgeable crews offer practical solutions to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction. We offer a free no, obligation estimate at

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