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Solid Concrete Vs. Concrete Patio Pavers

Concrete is a versatile material that is used to build a variety of structures. One of the best things about concrete is its versatility- it is available in many shades, textures, and hues, so you can customize it to perfectly match your home.

As experts of concrete paving, we’re often asked the question, ‘What is the difference between concrete pavers and solid concrete?’

Although they’re both made out of cement, the difference lies in their usage. Concrete pavers are typically laid on top of a foundation, with spaces between them so that water can trickle through it. On the other hand, concrete mixers pour solid concrete onto the ground and then level and smooth it out.

Read on as we discuss the other differences between the two and what makes them unique.

1. Concrete Pavers Need Periodic Leveling

As mentioned previously, concrete pavers are installed on top of an existing foundation. However, over time the pavers can shift due to changes in soil composition and weathering from rainwater or sun exposure. Therefore, if you notice dents and cracks on your driveway, it is probably because one side has sunk lower than the other. This means it is time for leveling it out. Leveling involves filling the space with mortar mix or gravel; this process is also known as “reporting” since its purpose is similar to repairing stone pointing on old brickwork. Hiring a professional contractor such as Scorpion Construction LLC, providing concreting services across Florida, including Lakeland, is critical for such jobs.

2. Installation

When you choose to install a patio, the first step should be to clear the area of any debris or other obstructions. Next, decide on the dimensions of your patio for purchasing the paving stones. Concrete pavers are easier to install than concrete slabs because they already come with spacers that allow a small amount of room between each stone – this prevents gaps from occurring while also making it easy to level out the ground without needing additional material like gravel.

3. Maintenance and Repairs

Fortunately, both solid concrete and concrete patio pavers are easy to maintain. Concrete patio pavers are designed to last, but even these may need occasional repairs due to ground movement, significant temperature changes, and other natural wear-and-tear factors. You can repair your concrete patio by patching holes with epoxy cement and then repainting the area that requires work.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Concrete patio pavers and solid concrete both have a distinct look and completely different visual appeal. Concrete patio pavers are more rustic, with natural variation and texture. On the other hand, solid concrete is smoother in appearance.

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