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Scorpion Construction – Your Full-Service Development Contractors

Site development is the process of preparing a site for construction. It typically involves using heavy machinery to turn raw land into full-fledged construction sites, and ranges from excavation to installation of utilities. Site development also involves the complete demolition and redevelopment of an entire site. It transforms underutilized or vacant land into new residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments.

We can’t stress enough the importance of full-service site development contractors. They can help you through every step from start to finish. Full-service site development contractors are qualified to work on any aspect of a site development or preparation project from start to finish, such as planning, demolition, excavation, etc. Site development contractors have all these skillsets under one roof to assist with all aspects of the job.

Scorpion Construction LLC is a professional, reliable, and experienced full-service site development contractor. We have years of experience in this industry, and we will be happy to assist you. Here are some of the premium services we can help you with when you hire us as your full-service site development contractor.

Site Surveying

Site surveys occur before full-scale construction begins. Site surveying is the process of inspecting a site in order to determine if it is right for the project and also to determine the property boundaries. Surveys typically focus on checking distances, elevations, layout, topography, or other details about conditions at the site.

Soil Testing

Site development requires soil testing before any project begins. This type of environmental assessment provides information about potentially hazardous areas where people might be exposed to contaminated soil, air, or water during building and demolition activities. A soil test will provide a complete report which identifies any potential hazards and also gives recommendations for removing those hazards before construction begins.

Ground Preparation

Ground preparation is the process of leveling the ground and clearing it before construction. The ground should be leveled out to create a level surface for building on. Trees and other vegetation near or over power lines can also pose a safety hazard, so they will need to be removed from the site. Once this work is done, the ground can be prepped for construction by laying down gravel, sand, or other materials.

Site Investigation

Site investigation helps to identify the groundwater conditions. This is essential because it gives an idea of what type of foundations are necessary on a construction site and whether or not there may be any environmental hazards that need to be considered before construction starts. Site investigations typically include evaluating rock composition and geotechnical investigations.

Site Planning

Site plans often start with a drawing that the architect or engineer creates. It depicts the current and future structures and where roads and utility lines run through the land. It also showcases other critical information about natural features like slopes and wetlands. This plan aims to show the construction team what is there and what will be needed to work with.

Scorpion Construction LLC has been a contractor for many site development projects in Lakeland, Florida area. We have years of experience in everything from site clearing and excavation to the final walk-through. As your full-service site development contractor, our team of experts will go beyond the call of duty to ensure your site is fully ready for construction in time and within budget. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today.