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Recycled Asphalt Vs. Crusher Run – Which Is Better For Your Driveway?

To use recycled asphalt or crusher run?

This is the question that many property owners find difficult to answer when planning for their driveway paving projects. Although both the materials are incredibly affordable and reliable, they still have particular characteristics that may vary with project requirements. 

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This guide will help you ensure which material – recycled asphalt and crusher run, is right for your paving needs.  

Recycled Asphalt – A Brief Overview

Since the whole world is focused on reducing waste by practicing recycling, recycled asphalt is the best material to begin your driveway paving. While many property owners doubt the resistance and durability of recycled asphalt, all of its characteristics and properties remain unchanged even after the recycling process.

All you need to do is incorporate the recycled material into hot mix asphalt (HMA) or leave it in aggregate form to use as a base material for pavement installation. Following are the benefits of using recycled asphalt for your next project.

  • Eco –Friendly

One of the many reasons why property owners opt for recycled asphalt is its environmentally friendly nature. No greenhouse gasses are emitted, neither is the waste produced in the creation of recycled asphalt. Moreover, it also reduces the use of natural resources that are gradually becoming extinct with time.

  • Price

Unlike virgin asphalt, recycled asphalt is extremely affordable due to the minimal use of natural resources in its production. Also, the lesser expenses of oil and labor contribute to its low price. Besides this, the low weightage of recycled asphalt reduces the transportation costs associated with fuel.

  • Appearance

Recycled asphalt can provide both the classic look of a crushed stone or gravel and a typical asphalt surface. In the end, you are deemed to receive a unique driveway that indeed enhances your overall property’s aesthetics.

Crusher Run – A Brief Overview

While some know crusher run by the name of dense grade aggregate (DG) or quarry process, it is one of the most reliable and compatible paving materials. Crusher run is usually made up of granite, limestone, and gneiss or trap rock.

Here, stones are crushed into a particular size suitable for paving projects. The edges of the stones are left uneven so that the other rocks could bond together efficiently. Next, the stones are introduced to a specific blend of stone dust to fill in the gaps. This step ensures that the rocks are immovable and easily compressed to produce excellent pavement surfaces.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Durability

Crusher run ensures a tough and durable surface, one that is capable of withstanding any pressure or load.

  • Price

Crusher run is extremely budget-friendly for any paving project. Plus, the worth of each dollar spent in its production will be evident in the final look of your driveway.

  • Appearance

You can achieve a visually appealing and classically elegant appearance with a crusher run. However, the choice of colors and patterns is what boosts the value of your property.

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