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Project Planning 2021: What Property Managers Need To Keep In Mind for Their Asphalt Project For The Upcoming Year

Asphalt, like any other surface, requires special care. If you think that after the paving has been completed, the asphalt will remain the same for many years, you are wrong.

First, the changeable weather (heat, rain, frost) can damage the asphalt surface. For example, right after winter, it is imperative to check the condition of the asphalt. Secondly, if you find defects, then you must urgently repair the pavement without delay.

As experts say, timely repairs will help extend the asphalt’s life and keep the surface’s performance optimal.

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This blog will discuss the top 4 recommendations from the field experts for property managers on proper asphalt maintenance.

1. Asphalt Monitoring

A particular device allows you to check the quality of coverage on large highways and playgrounds, car parks, parking lots, etc. Although the inspection is expected once every 3-5 years, it is enough to detect all pits, cracks, potholes, irregularities, defects.

You can seek an experts’ help in analyzing the necessary documents and catering to the identified damage. By doing this, you are deemed to carry out timely maintenance and preserve your asphalt surface for several more years.

2. Cleaning Work

This is certainly worth doing. You can easily find relevant services that deal with this type of work on the internet. However, ensure they are professionals with appropriate tools who can remove hazardous and harmful debris from the surface expertly.

3. Setting Curbs

Make sure curbs are installed on your asphalt surfaces because this is a structure that serves not only as an aesthetic element but also provides strength to the asphalt. Know that it will not crumble apart after winter and will not deform from sunlight and severe frosts.

4. No Heavy Machinery on the Surface

Heavy machinery can damage asphalt. Especially in parking lots and entrances to offices and shopping centers, heavy vehicles are prevalent. Therefore, being a property manager restrict heavy vehicles’ travel on the surface. Otherwise, due to the heavyweight, the pavement will bend and quickly deteriorate before time.

And lastly, if you want the asphalt to serve you for more than one year, it should be treated with special care. Having a solid pavement maintenance and preservation plan will not only protect the asphalt from excessive sun and freezing in winter but also save the surface from wearing down with time. Moreover, use special sealants to close all holes and cracks that appear in time to enhance your asphalt’s durability.

All in all, it is easier to fix a small hole than to repair a large area. But if you lack time, hire Scorpion Construction LLC professionals today. You’ll be surprised to see your asphalt surface last longer than a decade that too in Tampa Bay, FL! Click here to get a free quote on your asphalt project for 2021.