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Prepping Your Concrete Floor For Painting

Although concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials, the basic concrete color can seem unappealing and dull. Besides this, its dismal gray color also compromises the aesthetics of the entire property and makes it look old.

So, the best you can do is scrape off dried-on gunk, perform a repair, change the color, and even add patterns and designs to the concrete surface. Then, you will no longer have to live with an old, unattractive concrete floor anymore.

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Well, who doesn’t like walking on a colorful path? We know we do! So, if you want to paint your concrete floor with bright and beautiful colors, here is a step by step guide to help you prepare your concrete floor for painting without any hassle.

Surface Preparation

Even if you have recently installed your concrete floor, there can be lumps and cracks in the surface that can affect the concrete painting procedure. Get your hands on Scorpion Construction LLC’s concrete repair and maintenance services to get rid of them immediately!

Know that you need to ensure the surface is clean and smooth before you begin the painting process. For this, use a rag to wipe off all the grease and oil spills on the concrete floor and brush off all the dirt and debris.

Using a Cleaner Spray

To ensure your concrete surface is crystal clear from all the dirt and gunk, spray a concrete cleaner on the floor. Let the product sit on the surface for 10 -20 minutes, and then by using a non-metal stiff-bristled broom or brush, start scrubbing. Make sure the surface is clean before the product dries down.

Surface Cleaning

Once the scrubbing is done, thoroughly rinse the entire floor using a water pipe with a high-pressure nozzle. Next, use a mop or a cloth to dry the surface and remove excess water from the project area.

Applying Primer

Pour the primer into a paint tray and fully load the roller with it. Make sure to start rolling the primer from one corner onto the concrete floor. After you are done coating the entire surface, recoat it for better results. However, let the floor dry before you put another primer coating on it.

Applying Paint and Sealer

Once you’ve successfully followed all the steps mentioned above, your concrete floor is ready to be painted. For this, take a clean paint roller or compressor and dip it in the paint. Remember to coat the surface twice for the best results. Next, you can cover the color with a concrete sealer for long-lasting results.

All in all, make sure to use quality products and materials in your concrete painting project. Otherwise, the results might not turn out the way you’ve expected.

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