Line Striping in Lakeland, FL

Line Striping in Lakeland, FL, Scorpion Construction, LLC

As a family-owned business with over thirty years in the asphalt industry, here at Scorpion Construction, we are happily serving our customer’s line striping needs in Lakeland, FL. When you have a freshly installed or maintained asphalt surface, having professional line striping can offer better visual appeal and boost the value of your property and safety for your customers and pedestrians alike. Line striping can be everything from crosswalks to allow pedestrians a safe place to cross parking lots or roads to alert drivers of their presence. It also can direct traffic, drivers where to park, and when to stop and go.  We guarantee the quality of our work and are proud of using the highest quality materials and up-to-date equipment, so our customers can have the confidence they made the best choice to hire Scorpion Construction for all their line striping needs. Whether it’s a simple parking lot with ADA-compliant spaces or crosswalks on significant roadways, Scorpion Construction has you covered. If you are a residential or commercial customer in the Lakeland area, contact us at

Often taking on larger projects can be stressful, but here at Scorpion Construction, we are willing to get the job done regardless if the job is a busy parking lot, road, or the tiniest driveway.  We offer budget-friendly prices and superior customer service. Get your free estimate at We aim to provide premier line striping services in Lakeland, FL. We can help you choose the correct paint appropriate to withstand the weather where you are located, to our crew’s knowledge and ability to work with local building and safety codes. Our teams are well-trained to work effectively, reducing any downtime of your asphalt surface or parking lot; WIth attention to detail, we guarantee the line striping will offer complete customer satisfaction.