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Is It Wise To Resurface My Asphalt Surface In Winter?

A question on many people’s minds is whether or not to resurface their asphalt in winter. While residents of Tampa, FL, don’t experience harsh winters, their concern is still genuine. After all, we have all heard that asphalt needs to be hot and malleable for paving.

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However, before getting down to business, let’s extract the urban myths from reality.

Is it a bad idea to resurface asphalt in the winters?

Mostly. The best season to lay down an asphalt surface to achieve optimal results is in summer. The heat might make it harder for the asphalt surface to dry. However, roads made during the summer season are more durable. This means they are also more cost-effective.

Nonetheless, despite the preference given to summer, paving can be done in winter, too, granted that there is neither snowfall nor rainfall.

Snow and rain cause the asphalt to slip and not adhere to the road properly. This results in cracks, sinking, and potholes to appear on the surface.

Since the winter season in  Tampa, FL, is cold and wet, resurfacing is out of the question. In fact, it is a good idea to get a sealant coat applied to the asphalt. This will keep the typical wear and tear down to a minimum.

What about dry winters?

If a region experiences dry winters, then asphalt can be applied to the road. However, that’s still not the ideal situation. The asphalt surface paved during winter is not as durable and long-lasting as roads made during hot summers.

Why is it so expensive to pave asphalt surfaces in winter?

The chilly air cools down the asphalt very quickly, and asphalt can only be worked with while it’s hot. To get the work done, paving companies like SMI Paving have to employ extra machines and people to layer the asphalt before it firms up. Otherwise, the surface will be uneven.

The Verdict

Asphalt surfaces can be resurfaced during dry winters. However, it is still better to either get the work done during autumn or wait until the weather gets warmer.

Until the weather gets warmer, try to avoid potholes as much as possible for the sake of your car and wallet. To get a free quote on your asphalt’s resurfacing, Click here to find out our rates at Scorpion Construction LLC today!