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How To Remove Oil And Mulch Stains From Your Asphalt

If you want your asphalt surface to look brand new for a long time, then you need to have a proper maintenance regime in place. The more you care about your pavement, the longer it will last. Also, if your asphalt retains its rich black color, it will improve your property’s curb appeal.

Despite its dark color, asphalt can carry mulch and engine oil stains. Mulch stains do fade over time, but until they are gone, they appear unsightly. As for oil, it seeps inside your asphalt surface and causes damage.

No matter how badly you want to remove the stains, it is best to leave this job for the professionals who are trained to deal with tricky tasks and are equipped with the correct tools and techniques.

For example, if you powerwash your pavement, the stains won’t come off; instead, they will slip in deeper into the pavement, causing damage. Also, using a degreaser with solvents can damage the asphalt.

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If you are curious about what the proper way is to remove any stains from your asphalt, have a look below.

Steps To Remove Mulch Stains

  1. The asphalt surface is rinsed with water.
  2. Soap or vinegar is applied to the stain and scrubbed with a brush in circular motions.
  3. The soap is washed in a low-pressure rinse with water.

If the mulch stain is still there on your pavement, then some additional steps are taken.

4. Two cups of bleach are mixed with two gallons of warm water to form a mild solution.

5. The bleach solution is applied onto the stained area and is gently scrubbed in small circular motions with a brush.

6. The bleach solution is left on the stained area for half an hour, before being washed off with a low-pressure rinse.

You can prevent mulch stains from appearing on your pavement by not apply mulch on the soil when there is a rain forecast. Otherwise, the dye will bleed onto the asphalt pavement.

Ways To Remove Oil Stains

Below are three popular ways engine oil stains can be removed from asphalt, without any damage being done to the pavement.

  1. This method is useful if done immediately after the oil is leaked onto the surface. Cover the oil with kitty litter let it soak so it blot ups all the oil before it seeps into your pavement. Once all the oil is blotted, use a broom to sweep away the kitty litter.
  2. The best way to remove an engine oil stain from asphalt is by making a paste using Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) and mixing it with water. The TSP paste is scrubbed onto the stain using a long brush. The mix is left on the pavement for half an hour, before being rinsed off with water.
  3. Commercial degreasers can also be used to remove engine oil stains. A gentle scrub is enough to break down the oil in the stain, after which it is hosed. Proper instructions on how to use a commercial degreaser are printed on its bottle.

You can’t stop engine oil from leaking onto your asphalt surface (although taking your car to the mechanic shop for regular work is not a bad idea), but you can control how you react to it. Call a professional as soon as you see a stain on your asphalt.

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