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How To Keep Your Patios Weed-Free In Fall

When you are in the business of refreshing pavers or installing them, weed growth should be of concern to you. Getting rid of these outgrowths can be a royal pain.

Scorpion Construction LLC, serving St. Petersburg, FL, shares some tips for keeping your patios weed-free in the fall. Removal upon sight is the apparent option. But there are other, smarter ways of going about this situation.

All Hail, Baking Soda! Our Savior

This famous leavening agent isn’t only your friend in the kitchen. When your patio weeds have declared war, baking soda may be all you need. Especially for decorative plants, pour some baking soda over the weeds and watch them wither away and die.

Baking soda is the only natural product that will never cause damage or contaminate your property – it is safe for your environment. It works by overdosing the weeds with salt, causing them to dry up, wither, and die. Spray some water on your weeds with your hose, and pour some good old baking soda.

Round 2, Weeds Versus Vinegar. Ready, Fight!

Vinegar, much like baking soda, is safe to use. The acetic acid found in vinegar will siphon out any water or moisture in the weeds, drying them and killing them. This reaction is so fast that your weeds will wither away within twenty-four hours.

Vinegar and plants do not get along. Using a spray bottle full of concentrated vinegar will obliterate your weeds. But, be very careful. If there are any plants near the weeds in your patio that you need to protect, be very sparing with your “vinegar spray.”

Let’s Pour Salt Over Their Wounds

Another natural product, you can use salt to dry the weeds out after you’ve tried some of the hacks above. This works with the same logic as baking soda. And again, salt or salt water is harmful to your other plants, too, so be careful where you spray. Salt has a more long-lasting effect in contrast to baking soda. Skip the pleasantries with baking soda and opt for this as-salt for harsher weeds.

Pressure Washing; The Less Effective Yet Easy Way to Combat Patio Weeds

If you don’t have time on your hands or wish to exhaust the resources above, we recommend the good old pressure-washing. Sharp streams of water will dissect the weeds, but the weeds will regrow. You can respray the plants and get rid of your weeds – even if temporarily. It sure saves you time,

Instead, we would opt for quick fixes with our busy schedules, wouldn’t we?

These were DIY hacks. A more permanent solution to these would be polymeric sand in the crevices of your patio. There won’t be any weeds when there is no room, no? Scorpion Construction LLC, serving St. Petersburg, FL, can help you do that and more. We are a contact form away!