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How To Ensure Proper Drainage On Your Parking Lot

If a few days have passed since it last rained, and standing water is still present on your parking lot, this may be an indication that something’s wrong with your lot’s drainage system.

It could also be a sign that your lot is suffering from structural damage, in which case, an immediate surface repair is needed before the accumulated water destroys your property entirely!

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Here are some common ways you can ensure proper drainage for your parking lot.

Sloped Surfaces

Having sloped surfaces installed on your parking lot guarantees against pooling water and prevents standing water from damaging your lot’s structural integrity.

To ensure sloped surfaces work efficiently, your asphalt contactor will have your parking lot designed in a way to prevent water from collecting in the middle of your lot. To do this, the lot will be sloped anywhere between 1.5 to 3%, whereas the shoulders of the slope will be placed between 3 to 6%.

Asphalt Curbing

Installing asphalt curbs in your parking lot is a brilliant idea to direct the flow of standing water off your property and into a drain inlet or even grassy area. With the help of asphalt curbs, water will flow away with the curb line and be directed to a drainage point – where it’s supposed to go.

Installing Proper Drainage

This is the point that emphasizes the need for hiring a reputable paving contractor from the get-go; i.e., to prevent water pooling in the first place.

Your paving contractor will ensure, in addition to having the right slope and asphalt curbs installed, that drains are strategically placed on your lot to collect water runoff properly.

Their years of experience with paving parking lots give them the insight to detect exactly where potential drainage issues may arise in your lot. And this is the reason why working alongside a professional paving contractor is imperative to protect your commercial property from disintegrating at a fast rate.

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We will not just help get rid of standing water on your lot, but also install resilient drainage systems to extend your property’s service life for years to come!