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Get Your Parking Lot Or Driveway Sealcoated: 5 Reasons Why

Sealcoating a parking lot or driveway is one of the most important – and often overlooked – aspects of property maintenance. Believe it or not, it says a lot about you and your property. Asphalt maintenance should be a priority for an asphalt parking lot or driveway. After all, your investment needs to last.

And sealcoating is a cost-effective way to protect your investment. This is where someone like Scorpion Construction LLC can come in to help you with your asphalt needs.

What is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating involves adding a protective layer to asphalt surfaces to extend their life and prevent damage from traffic, weathering, UV rays, and other environmental factors. By regularly sealcoating your asphalt surfaces, you can significantly protect them from the elements and extend their lifespan.

Still not convinced? Read on for five more reasons why sealcoating is a smart move.


Sealcoating doesn’t just give your parking lot or driveway a smooth surface; it uplifts and beautifies your property. The natural shine of the asphalt fades with wear and tear. A freshly sealcoated asphalt surface has a deep, rich black color that makes it look new. Your asphalt surfaces will be protected, but they’ll also add curb appeal to your property!

If you are a parking lot owner, this is an added advantage to attract customers. No one wants to park their car in a parking lot with potholes, cracks, and fading striping.

Protection from the Elements

Sealcoating protects asphalt surfaces from the elements. It forms a barrier against rain, snow, ice, UV rays, and even oil and gas. These elements are known to deteriorate the asphalt. Sealcoating provides an additional layer of protection to slow down the deterioration process. This means that your asphalt will stay looking new for longer and be less susceptible to damage from the weather.

Easy Maintenance

Sealcoating provides that beautiful sheen and smooth surface. Your surfaces become easy to maintain. All you have to do is sweep and hose them off regularly. This will keep them looking clean and new for longer while adding to the aesthetics of your property and even your neighborhood.

Easy on the Wallet

When asphalt is regularly sealcoated, it becomes more resistant to damage. This means that you won’t have to repair the cracks or potholes that can get costly continuously. Sealcoating is an expense for every 2 to 3 years, but it is cheaper than letting your asphalt deteriorate and completely replacing it.

Increased Life Span

Sealcoating asphalt surfaces mean longevity of your asphalt surface. You can get more years of use and enjoyment from your asphalt surface before needing to replace it.

Solution or Prevention?

We want to highlight that sealcoating is a preventive measure, not a solution for repairing cracks and potholes. Any improper use of the sealcoating process may lead to loss and damage to you and your property.

With more than 34 years of experience paving roads, parking lots, and driveways in St. Petersburg, Scorpion Construction LLC is a one-stop-shop for all your asphalt needs, including asphalt maintenance. Contact us today for a no-obligation, free estimate!