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Common Mistakes When Pouring Concrete

Most concrete projects fail because of avoidable mistakes. Improper concrete pouring often results in increased cost as you need to pay for maintenance and repair a few months after project completion—errors in mixing or pouring damage your concrete surface as it deteriorates rapidly, resulting in premature failure.

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Mistakes in concrete pouring are not limited to amateurs. Even professionals with years of vast experience behind them end up making serious mistakes. Our experts cite the following common mistakes that concrete contractors commit when pouring concrete with their years of experience.

Wet Concrete

The problem of wet concrete is the easiest to concentrate on. Even an amateur can identify a wet concrete because a well-mixed concrete is dry and does not flow properly. Additionally, they have a height and diameter of somewhere around 4 inches. Anything less stable than this reduces the concrete’s strength.

Slippery Surface

Although smooth concrete look and feel is appealing, they can result in dangerous accidents. That’s why it is essential to add some texture to your surface, and sweeping it with a broom is one of the easiest ways to do so. Although an ordinary broom is sufficient for cleaning, a contractor’s broom helps create more consistent lines. Also, ensure that parallel strokes are not overlapping each other. You can also rinse the broom with water if the surface becomes too rough.

Wrong Height

It is essential to know your concrete project’s final height before setting off for it; not being aware of the height results in an uneven concrete surface, which might require a project redo. Not only is this, improper draining system can also end up costing you a significant sum and time.

Note that surrounding surfaces are usually the perfect indicator for the project’s height.

Uneven Surface

Forms are an integral part of concrete pouring. Forms determine your project’s overall look while ensuring that none of the concrete spills over to other unwanted areas.

While constructing structures and placing them in excavated regions can be a rather painful process, they can also significantly impact the project. Therefore, you must ensure that you perfectly balance the form before moving on to the next step.

Improper Reinforcement

Failure to reinforce the structure is another common mistake concrete contractor commit when pouring concrete. Since newly poured concrete lacks in strength, it is vulnerable to cracking. Materials such as plastic fiber, metal, or glass act as ideal reinforcements for the project. They can manage the concrete and also improve the surface’s strength.

All in all, concrete contractors need to be wary of various factors when pouring concrete. Professional concrete mixing experts avoid all such problems and provide property owners with the perfect mixing experience.

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