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5 Ways To Sniff Out Sealcoating Scammers!

Sealcoating scams are all too common these days, and it is vital to be on the lookout for sealcoating companies who use sneaky tactics to get your money. The worst part? Some of them are so good at what they do that you won’t know you’ve been deceived until weeks or months after the sealer has left your property.

We want to help you avoid this scenario by sharing five ways to sniff out sealcoating scammers before they take advantage of you!

1. They Offer You a Way Too Good to Be True Deal

Sometimes while having that conversation on sealcoating services, a contractor might come up with a price that is way too good to be true. It should not matter what kind of sealcoating you need done. The process and materials involved are practically the same for any sealcoat job – so it’s strange if they offer you such an amazing deal!

2. They Don’t Give You Their License Number or Business Address

Most legitimate sealcoating companies will be more than happy to provide you with information about themselves so you can feel safe hiring them. They’ll also be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about sealcoating, their process, and what they can do for your pavement.

If the person you are talking with is unwilling to give out this information – run!

3. They Leave an Unsightly Mess Behind

Sealcoating scammers are all about making a quick buck, so it’s totally in their best interest to get the job done as quickly as possible without cleaning up after themselves.

If they leave behind a big mess, then it’s not worth the hassle, and you’d be better off hiring someone else to do the job correctly. You can find out if your contractor is one of the ‘messy ones’ by looking at their recent sealcoating projects – if they’re sloppy, that is an indicator of how they’ll perform!

4. They are Not Licensed or Insured

It’s simply not worth it to hire sealcoat companies who are either unlicensed or uninsured since this means there isn’t anyone holding them accountable if something goes wrong during the sealcoating process.

They might appear to be a professional sealcoat company while you speak with them on the phone or in person, but this doesn’t mean that their credentials are valid. Pay close attention to this once you start asking questions.

5. They Don’t Have a Sealcoat Warranty

If they’re not willing to put it in writing, then you need to run as fast as possible!

Many sealcoating companies will offer an insurance policy or sealcoating guarantee. Still, those are just words without signatures from representatives from the company and documentation from state agencies – so make sure you ask for everything in writing!

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