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5 Crack Repair Techniques To Spruce Up Your Pavement In Sarasota!

One can construct pavement out of asphalt, concrete, or a heterogeneous mix of both. With all load-bearing structures exposed to the elements and freeze-thaw cycles, cracks inevitably happen. The prudent thing is to have a maintenance plan in place; if you haven’t got one, there is still time to develop an excellent maintenance program with Scorpion Construction.

We deal in crack filling and repairs for both asphalt and concrete surfaces. Here are a few well-known crack filling methods that we employ as appropriate.

1. Rout & Seal:

A common and cost-effective method in asphalt pavement repair which is used on both small and large cracks. The crack is grooved using adequate equipment, packed with some fine sand, so the filler does not permeate further into the pavement, then the crack filler is applied. The filler is usually a derivative of hot tar mixed with elastic properties. Improper filling may result in swelling of the crack region as the tar mix cures.

2. Stitch:

This unusual method is used to restore tensile strength across major cracks in concrete slabs that form part of a superstructure. The gap is filled then has its sides drilled to accommodate staples. The holes themselves are filled with epoxy after securing the staple ends.

3. Epoxy Seals:

This method involves the injection of a mix of epoxy resins into small cracks in concrete slab pavement. The cracks are first drilled into and washed out to provide an adhering surface, then injected with epoxy and left to cure. The surface is smoothened to remove excess epoxy, and then a protective coat is applied.

4. Overlays:

This method is suitable for asphalt surfaces with cracking akin to alligator cracking. The existing surface is heated, combined with the aggregate, and made into the base for fresh asphalt. It depends on the depth of the cracks for the method to work. Deep cracks will need a full-depth repair.

5. Blanketing:

This kind of crack repair method is akin to compression seals used in jointing concrete rebar slabs. The crack is filled with an elastic sealant and allowed space to expand and contract under stress. The method is ideal for a combination of flexible and rigid pavement crack issues.

As long as you are dealing with minor cracks in your driveway, sure, use a store brought crack filler. But when the issues become wider, be sure to call us up at Scorpion Construction to patch up your pavement for you.

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