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4 Signs That Your Driveway Needs Surface Repair

Cracks on the driveway or sidewalk can be frustrating for commercial and residential property owners alike. Not having the cracks fixed promptly will make matters worse, and before you know it, you’ll have an expensive problem on your hands.

Your driveway communicates with you in different ways by displaying signs that indicate its inner state. A fresh, vibrant look shows well-being, while a dull and cracked surface is clearly a sign of neglect.

To extend the pavement’s lifespan and safeguard your investment in the long run, you need to perform regular maintenance to prevent deterioration as much as possible. Get help from professional contractors like Scorpion Construction LLC in Clearwater, FL, for repairs as well as for regular maintenance.

Here are four key signs that indicate your driveway requires your immediate attention.

Visible Cracks

Cracks are a clear sign that your asphalt driveway needs surface repair. If you stop crack growth in its tracks with asphalt sealcoating, it can help you avoid the expenses and inconvenience of resurfacing. Cracks form in driveways when they are exposed to water or freeze-thaw cycles over a long period. Asphalt sealer helps prevent cracks from forming by providing a protective barrier that seals out moisture. This means your driveway will last longer before needing repair or replacement!

Presence of Potholes

Compared to cracks, potholes emerge at a much later stage. Potholes are an obvious sign that there might be some underlying problems with the asphalt. Potholes develop because of water seeping through the asphalt and freezing, which causes pavement deterioration.

A Poor Drainage System

Standing water is another worrying sign that your asphalt driveway requires repair. Water will seep into the surface and cause it to deteriorate, leading to a loss of strength in the pavement. This leads to potholes and safety hazards for drivers who can lose control on slippery roads or when hydroplaning occurs due to water buildup. An inefficient drainage system forces water accumulation, causing more significant harm in the long run.

Aging Impacts

The most common cause of aging in asphalt surfaces is oxidation, which occurs when the pavement breaks down due to air, water, or other chemicals. When this happens, the surface becomes less sticky, so it’s more difficult for tires to grip as it starts cracking. This causes the pavement surface to no longer be suitable for use because it can lead to significant safety hazards such as slips and falls on wet days.

It is critical for property owners to remain vigilant of the above-mentioned signs in order to maintain their pavement. If you reside in Clearwater, FL, and are looking for a reliable contractor to inspect your property and provide guidance and expert services, then Scorpion Construction LLC is the right choice. We offer quality asphalt paving and sealcoating services to folks across Clearwater, FL, at very affordable rates. Get a free estimate for our services now and see the results for yourself.