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4 Benefits Of Efficient Underground Utility Mapping

Construction projects which don’t have accurate maps of underground utility infrastructure risk the potential of running into some serious challenges. In other industries, the developers have access to reliable data before beginning a project. Whereas the contractors in the construction industry need to unearth the underground utility infrastructure to determine the situation when beginning a construction exercise.

An unstable underground utility infrastructure can damage the entire foundation of the property, increasing the likelihood of a potential disaster. Regardless of the utilities’ nature, underground excavation is still a perilous exercise that requires a contractor’s full attention. Every now and then we hear news reports of explosions caused by damages to the underground utilities. The extent of what’s at stake should be enough to convince you to take the underground utility matter seriously before beginning the construction process!

Scorpion Construction LLC, in Tampa Bay, FL, specializes in installations, removal, and repairs for residential and commercial properties.

If you are still skeptical of the necessity of site development prior to construction, this compilation of the benefits of underground mapping may help to change your mind.

Essential for Safety and Health

Underground mapping ensures adherence to safety precautions when dealing with the utility infrastructure of your construction project. A skilled contractor observing the piping below and ensuring that it doesn’t get in the way of the construction project, complies with all of the safety and health regulations. Leaks or damages to the existing pipes can wreak havoc on your property once the construction is over.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Surprises

The best thing about underground mapping is that it eliminates the possibility of running into surprises. A detailed inspection and study of the pipes allows the contractors to look at the piping system from all angles. The contractors begin an instant repair job as soon as they detect signs of damages to the pipes. This gives you the confidence that all is well underground and you’re safe from surprise problems and damages.

Reduces Project Completion Time

Experienced construction engineers are proficient at identifying safe excavation spots for project. This enhances the pace of project completion, as you fix all underlying problems at the outset, rather than turning your attention to them midway through the project.

Minimizes Risks

As mentioned before, excavation and construction projects have certain risks associated with them. If contractors and property owners don’t pay attention to them during the initial stages of the excavation, these risks often evolve to become full-fledged problems that end up eating your budget and often requiring huge repairs and reinstallations.

At Scorpion Construction LLC, in Tampa Bay, FL, we provide property owners and residents with full-fledged underground utility services. We have more than 30 years of experience in the industry so we know how to manage underground utilities in Florida’s drainage system.

We emphasize carrying out diligent inspection measures to avoid potential mishaps during the construction phase. This also helps us ensure that all pipes are properly aligned and directed to the right place.

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