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3 Steps For Permanently Repairing Your Alligatored Asphalt

Alligator cracking is a type of damage that stems from your asphalt surface foundation. This means the issue is severe and will quickly accelerate, so you should not ignore it.

Surely, you want to protect your investment, so it lasts you at least two decades. Moreover, you do not want to spend more than what is necessary. So why wait for the damage to increase to the point where the whole pavement needs to be repaved.

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A temporary solution is a waste of money since you have to opt for a permanent one sooner or later, so why wait till later if you can afford it now?

While a more permanent solution would mean your asphalt surface would have to be closed down for longer during the work, it is still better than closing your surface twice for construction in a short span.

Below are the three main steps that all pavers follow to repair alligatored asphalt surfaces.

1. Evaluate the Problem

The contractor you hire will carry out a thorough inspection of the damage to determine the root cause behind the damage and present you with solutions accordingly.

2. Assess the Sub-Base

A foundational issue mostly causes alligator cracks, so it is essential to assess your sub-base condition to identify any possible problems.

If you only remove and replace the surface or top layer of the asphalt, then the new pavement would also develop alligator cracks due to shifting the sub-base materials. Therefore, it is necessary to cover all bases without started any work.

3. Remove the Damaged Area

If only a few areas have fallen victim to alligatoring, you do not need to get a total surface overhaul. Use an asphalt saw to cut through the damaged layers of the asphalt and clear out the area before installing a new sub-base, base, and surface layer.


3. Repave the Surface

If the cracking covers most of the asphalt service, it is better to repave the entire thing altogether instead of repaving it in patches. A new asphalt surface (with a new sub-base) can last up to 20 years. Also, getting the whole surface repaved can save you labor or service cost, which you would have spent on individual projects.

Repaving is not cheap. Many people prefer to opt for temporary solutions like a crack seal, crack filling, or throw-and-go asphalt till they can arrange enough to fund a more permanent solution, however, in a way that will cost you more.

It is vital that you get all repair work done before winter arrives because the harsh winter conditions hinder most repair projects and excel all existing damage.

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