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3 Reasons Why Full-Site Development Requires An Effective Drainage System

Water is a necessary resource for all types of development, but it can also be your biggest enemy. Whether you plan to build a new structure or maintain the water flow in an existing one, having an effective drainage system is critical. Water that does not flow properly will bog down parts of the site with mud and debris, leading to serious safety hazards for residents and visitors alike. Luckily, there are many ways that developers can ensure that the building has a safe and secure drainage system. However, if you do not adopt these methods, it can lead to problems, especially during site development. Hiring a professional company like Scorpion Construction LLC can ensure that your building will have an effective drainage system.

Here are some reasons why full-site development relies heavily on a fully-functional and effective drainage system.

1) Improper Flow of Water Can Ruin the Foundations

  1. Materials used in the foundation are often expensive, meaning that any issues will quickly become costly. Improper water flow can damage these materials rendering them useless and compromising the entire structure.
  2. Problems with site drainage systems could result in an uneven landscape hazardous to construction workers and their vehicles and residents or visitors on-site at a later stage. The changing elevation of the area around your home would lead to problems like flooding where it is least expected, resulting in property damage and possibly even injuries due to slips and falls due to poor drainage patterns.

2) Slowing Down the Process

An incorrectly planned drainage system could also lead to project slowdowns, proving costly in the long run. It’s essential for property owners and contractors to factor in the additional time needed for surface water management and containment when planning a residential development or renovation, especially if it is anything outside of a standard suburban lot with only one entry/exit point.

Not only this, but many local councils require all new developments to have complete access at a street level allowing emergency vehicles such as fire trucks to enter should an emergency arise during construction (or later). Slower traffic speeds caused by inadequate drain systems will cause congestion on-site, which further delays progress!

3) Prevents Standing Water on Development Site

An efficient drainage system keeps water out of development sites, preventing them from becoming large puddles or ponds, which can cause accidents and further delays.

In some instances, standing water on-site may also draw rodents & other pests to the site!

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