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3 Maintenance Tips To Make Your Parking Lot Safer

Many commercial property owners overlook the significance of efficient parking lot maintenance procedures. A well-maintained parking lot contributes significantly to customer satisfaction and leaves a positive impression about your business in the minds of the visitors. On the other hand, a neglected parking lot can become a source of serious problems that can end up damaging the hard-earned reputation of your business.

An ill-maintained parking lot does not invoke much confidence amongst visitors. Most customers form their first impression about a business when they arrive at the parking lot. The presence of cracks and potholes on the surface can create a negative image of your business in their minds. An unkempt parking lot can also be a source of accidents as fading parking lines and potholes result in a bumpy and risky ride. Scorpion Construction LLC in Lakeland, FL, can help you maintain your parking lot through its wide range of paving, repair, and maintenance services.

As the owner of a commercial parking lot, a lawsuit resulting from an accident on your property is the last thing you need. It would be best if you took proactive maintenance measures to avoid any unfavorable circumstances. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of three maintenance procedures that not only add life to your parking lot but also make it considerably safer to use.


Don’t take the cleaning of your asphalt parking lot lightly because it is significant in the long run. Regular cleaning means cleaning the liquid spills that damage the parking lot’s surface by penetrating the foundation. Regular cleaning also helps you remove accumulated dirt and debris to give your property a neat and clean appearance—lack of cleaning results in debris accumulation, which causes various problems for property owners down the line.


Sealcoating once every two to three years gives your parking lot a fresh look and eliminates all cracks on the surface. Sealcoating acts as a protective barrier between the parking lot’s surface and harmful external elements, such as ultraviolet rays, wind, oil, and gasoline. The protective properties of sealcoating help extend your parking lot’s lifespan while preserving its functionality. Sealcoating ensures a safe and smooth ride for visitors without any bumps, reducing the chances of an accident.

Parking Lot Striping

Faded unclear instructions on the parking lot can be a source of accidents. Lot Striping aids in creating a safer environment by helping you direct traffic flow. Parking lot striping includes pedestrian crosswalks and other signs; the clear, vivid lines will make it easy to navigate the parking lot while reducing the chances of an accident.

Scorpion Construction LLC provides commercial clients of Lakeland, FL, with professional parking lot maintenance services. We ensure that your parking lot is safe for all visitors and employees. Our team is equipped with the latest machinery making commercial paving and line striping considerably easy. Get a free quote from us and improve your parking lot’s security.